Coloring existing textures in Hammer?

I need a specific texture, but the color doesn’t exist.
Can I color the existing textures?

you would need to extract the texture out of the .gcf file with GCFScape, then get the Photoshop VTF plugin. Load your VTF into photoshop, manipulate it, save it back as a vtf, then place it in the same location, but under the game folder, not the gcf file.

Agreed^ but if you don’t have Photoshop, you can just download VTFEdit and use it to change the .vtf to something like a .tga, manipulate it, then use it again to make the .tga back into a .vtf.

just make it a func_brush and change the color value.
or use the vtf plugin for photoshop. MUCH easier than converting