Colors of Playermodels are White

Hello. I am having the same exact problem as in here

What I would like to know is what file affects this change? I would like to restore that file to default to see if it fixes my issue.

Details on the problem: On some default player models such as this, the clothing is white rather than the default color.

Also, on the undershirt of this is white instead of the default color.

Yes, I have the color mode set to 0 in the server config.
I really want to know what file pertains to this so I can restore it to default.
I’ve thought about making the default player model something that doesn’t change the clothing to white, but I don’t want to go that far. The problem with the clothing being white is when it comes to other addons such as the poison dart gun, where players’ entire body turns green when infected, on these models the only part that turns green is the broken clothing.

As stated in that other thread, there is no real way to fix this. You should only be using a value of 0 if you have custom player models. If you do have custom player models, then just stick with 0. You can’t really do anything about the defaults. That’s just GMod.

Also, setting the value is just in your server.cfg file

You can’t, since by default, they are white. If you want the default colors, find the colors in the .vmt’s are manually set them to be that.

Yes, code_gs is right, if you really want them colored you will have to go through the trouble of manually going into the .vmt files and setting them default.

Ah… I don’t get why they randomly changed to being white as of lastnight. thanks

You guys are saying by default they are white… Which makes no sense if you go to every other server out there, they are the light navy blue color. It has also been like that at first, then randomly popped up as white.