Colouring Props?

Now, I understand this can be simply done with Entity:SetColor(), but how I am doing it is different, I am using a DMixer to colour and alpha my darkrp doors, setting material has worked perfectly, but I don’t know how to allow colouring? (I am Australian, I say “Color” differently ok?)

DMixer hasn’t got a very good explanation so I just went solo.

Everything works, just in game the colours don’t change.
(entity door works perfectly don’t worry)

-- Calling this in a net receive.
door:SetColor( mix_col["r"], mix_col["g"], mix_col["b"], mix_col["a"] )
-- Derma
    local odm_mixer = vgui.Create( "DColorMixer", odmf )
	odm_mixer:SetPalette( true ) 		
	odm_mixer:SetAlphaBar( true ) 		
	odm_mixer:SetWangs( true )
	odm_mixer:SetPos( 2.5, 150 )
	odm_mixer:SetSize( 335, 150 )
	odm_mixer:SetColor( Color( 30, 100, 160 ) )

	timer.Create( "odm_mixer", 0.1, 0, function()
		if IsValid( odmf ) then
			net.Start( "customdoor_stuff" )
				net.WriteEntity( door )
       	 		net.WriteTable( odm_mixer:GetColor() )
       	 		net.WriteString( "Color" )
       		timer.Destroy( "odm_mixer" )
    end )

Where do you set the color for the door?

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Also dont use net.WriteTable for colors, net provides net.Write/ReadColor which is more optimized and less shit.

I attempted net.WriteColor but it errored as I am using odm_mixer… and the color is chosen when I click the mixer updating it

Show us the code for setting the color. I forgot that

DColorMixer:GetColor returns a table.

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Ok I’m retarded and didnt read the top of your code. You cant set colors of doors client-side it seems. So you will have to network it to the server and get the server to change its color.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do…

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It networks to server… and changes colours… but it doesn’t return an error because it doesn’t change colours?

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(as you can see, the colours are not changing)