Colt Crew Gaming!!!

Colt Crew is a group of people who like to play… and play to win. You don’t need to be a pro player to join! EVERYONE is welcome to join. Because everyone likes to win, Right?
To make it even more fun to be a member of Colt Crew you should join our FORUM and have fun with everyone in the clan. We also have 2 servers in Team Fortress 2

Our servers:

Garry’s Mod:

{CC} GMod Server #1
24/7 Fallout Mod
Server ip:
Fallout Mod is a gamemode made by Airslide back around july 2009 and was never released.
It takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a nuclear war has happened, and mainly focuses on action and leveling.

{CC} GMod Server #2
24/7 Radiaton Sandbox
Radiation Sandbox is a gamemode made by Rambo_9 and is actively being developed by him. The gamemode has 3 main factions and is great for roleplaying moments and faction wars.


Steam group:


Turning roleplaying into a competition, eh? What’s next? Turning socialism into a themepark?




Dont worry have reported him, but anyways it look nice from here :slight_smile:

Complete list of servers:
Garry’s Mod FalloutMod DarkRP Radiation Sandbox

Team Fortress 2 Arena Payload 2Fort

Counter-Strike: Source Warcraft Source ZombieMod Official Maps


CS:S Servers are not fully installed and complete yet, excuse me for that.

The Warcaft Source server should now be fully installed.