Colzdragon WIP Thread - Roleplay meets super eminence

I am a dumb faggot for posting this. ( This is a snip )

Looks pretty good, have been playing on it for a while and some might reconize me as [Colz] Limez on it.

I"m assuming because it’s DarkRP, it’s bad. I’m sure a lot of twelve year olds will pay you for admin, so you got that going for you.

-snip, joke was taken seriously-

@Ghast, its actually a pretty fine server if you self try play on it.


I looked at members list and there is an owner, a co-owner, and a TON of admins. Where are the coders/mappers/modelers/etc…?

Otherwise, sounds pretty fun but I say don’t add fists, mostly abused even by serious players.

You’re selling in game weapons for real life money, wut? That just sounds incredibly stupid, considering they don’t even seem cheap. Good job becoming a Combat Arms equivalent.


As Helix said it just a option, but it would be like donateing to the server since its pretty expensive each month.

A: It’s DarkRP. I’m not assuming its bad, its just overused. And, rather mingey…

Bandwidth: 1.5 tb (should do for now) + slots 64 = Bandwidth limit in around 2 weeks.

Basic math:

10x64 = 640KB/s (and 10KB/s a person is as low as it will go on a 64 slot server… infact, its probably going to idle at 14KB/s a client at least…)


Gigabytes = 1,621

You will go over your monthly cap :).

If you calculate 15KB/s per client…

Gigabytes = 2,431 :).

Basically… the old saying is like this:



Todo: Add option “i dont care about votes” , it seems to be missing from every rp server.

Lmao, nerver heard of´that kind of options but it could be a good option sometimes though :wink:

I don’t exactly see the point behind using real money to buy in game weapons though…why not just ask for donations for certain privileges, like custom models or skins, or even have your own SWEP put into the game.

Why reply if you have nothing constructive to add.

You don’t have to use real money to buy weapons. It’s one of the options for people that don’t like spending time working towards something.

I found that out just by reading the OP… maybe you should as well next time?.

Sup guis

I’m a p. cool minge ont he server

i ban alot of peope who diont serddve it



Honestly, while the information above user’s head is useful, I doubt that it’s practical at all.
It seems like it would get annoying REALLY quickly if it was on all the time, especially in the movie theatre picture. “Hey, <username> can you move somewhere else? Your information is blocking the screen”, meanwhile they are halfway across the map.

Perhaps have some button to toggle it on the hud, or make it auto-fade after a certain distance. :expressionless:

Heroic, ive actually never seen the names over their head before so i think its a addon he got :wink:

Another DarkRP edit. When will people learn. It’s not that hard to start from scratch.