Combanana? Banabine? Combine banana...

Picture a combine elite. Put him a banana suit, so you can see his face, arms, and legs. Anybody wanna make a ragdoll? (If you could, an NPC (without replacing anything) would be great)

Sounds awesome, yet silly. I’d like to see this too.

that would be the most epic thing on Gmod i really need to learn how to rig models

pictures a combine in a banana suit singing peanut butter jelly time


my thoughts exactly.

This is a great idea. And by the way, TacoNinja your on my friends list is that your steam name?

yea…Right now im “=(e)=™ Taco Ninja”

What an interesting idea.

I’ll look into it.


yo sup guys

It’s too big and restricts walking.

and its white?

he hasn’t textured (is that what modelers call it) yet, even me who knows nothing about modeling guessed that

NO WAY!! I knew that smart guy I was pointing out the color. lol

what do you mean, it probably automatically textures white, then he ha to change it later, he had lighting previews or something,

He hasn’t textured it.

who friggin cares!!! Its a combine banana!!!


I JUST HAD AN IDEA! What if, instead of 1 npc, there are 2.

number 1: the normal combine banana.

number 2: a combine banana that plays “peanut butter jelly time”, while doing the animation that plays when he’s on fire.

Just the render view, it’s going to appear white because there’s no banana or combine picture to apply to it yet.

do you use blender?

Guys, he said Combine ELITE. You know, the one with one eye? I mean, it’s good, but that’s not what he asked for…

yea, but any combine in a banana costume is still worth an misread thread.

3DS Max. I stole the banana model from Kekeke.

Unfortunately, I’m shit at rigging so I might leave this until somebody wants to do it.