Combat adjutant + source

I decided to finally at least somewhat finish this thing. Also added 3 guns from jericho (keep in mind did essentially no material work on those)

The flexes, and most of all eyeposing on the adjutant is a little strange. I did it to be able to keep the eyes selfillumed. So to move eyes, you need to use flexes. ports/gm_construct0005.jpg[/t]
[t] ports/de_forest0000.jpg

As to the source - here she is. ports/qc/

Cool models, I’ll try them out right away.

(On a side note, I was the first downloader on For some reason I feel special.)

Finally, someone ported from Jericho.

Cheers kit. Awesome release.

Nice models.
Of course the first comment on is asking for a player model or NPC.

I have black-pink textures, dunno why.

All of them or just some specific parts?

Yes, all of them.

Oh woops - I just noticed I placed the materials into materials\materials\matfolder.
I’ll fix it in a bit, but to get it to work in the meantime, just replace the second materials with models.

I was just hunting for this in the pimpage thread. Nice work Wraith!

Threw up the folder fix

“Minor” necro. Put the model on the workshop for those who are interested in migrating their addons.