Combat and what could make it better

I believe there are some glaring problems with the combat system at this current stage
of development. What I’m going to do is try and walk through the issues and hopefully
arrive at a conclusion which may help to improve it in the future.

The problems with combat that I see are as follows;

The first issue I have is that players usually spam food in combat which allows them to stay
regenerated for long periods of time, given that they have large amounts of food in their inventory.
I personally am a purist when it comes to combat and when combat boils down to who has the
most amount of food they can spam then it no longer has the same fun that games like Arma 2 do,
or DayZ more specifically, where you couldn’t just spam a bandage, you had to sit there doing the
animation and the guy who shot you could easily charge because he had the upper hand. Now in DayZ
yes you can spam eat food but it didn’t really heal you up more than 200 blood, or 1000 for
steak iirc. And in that game bullets did a hell of a lot more damage which nullified food spam in a real battle,
which leads to my second point.

Bullets should kill people much faster. I know Rust never boasted itself to being a MilSim and
some people enjoy the arcadey feel of the game, but I personally detest the damage bullets
do. I shot a guy 5-6 shots up his body with an M4 and hit his face under his kevlar helmet,
and he just jumped behind a barricade and healed up. Combat feels more like Halo then it
does a survival game. And even in Halo you could insta-kill melee.

I’m going to be that guy to say this, as I have seen all the hate posts about not having bandage animations
but this is NOT call of duty, combat should have WEIGHT to it, and every decision you make should
impact the outcome, if you get hit by a bullet you should FEAR for your life, not spam health kits
and food instantaneously. People are way too bold running around in full kevlar and M4’s not worried
at all about losing because they have numbers, stacks of food and medkits, and are unkillable
by most of the people they troll into quitting the game.

My proposed fixes would be to:

  • Either scrap the armor system and make the world easier to hide in
    (which would be nigh impossible from the looks of the map as it is)
    **add 7.62 weapons **i.e. AK-47 which would rip through kevlar.

  • Weapons should either cost way more metal or only be found by finding military areas, people don’t give
    a flying f*** about dying with full kevlar and M4’s atm because they have gigantic bases with a ton of
    resources, this just encourages fresh spawn killers as the large clans just run around harassing everyone
    who is trying to start out.

  • Increase bullet damage immensely.

  • Bandaging/Medkits must do a full application animation before working

  • Food need to also use a feeding animation and must only regenerate health slowly over time
    and have a reuse timer

In my opinion this is what is needed to improve combat. Now I am expecting 80+ downvotes and lots of rage
from the clans and other fanboys who spam food and barricades during fights. Sigh don’t even get me started
on the barricade spam, ok well anyway this is my thoughts, Good day!

A few ideas off Dayz which i much support.
Guns-Armor need to be harder to make… (sniper rifles perhaps)
But yeah i agree, i think they need to add a more realistic footing towards this game for it to be a hit :wink:

(Dont want another cod/warz)

They should maybe make guns more common to find, and harder to make.

I agree on everything. If this happens then this will give the fresh spawned players a bigger chance to survive since not alot of m4, full armor players will run around killing them. It’ll make the game alot better.

This all sounds good to me.

To the OP :

Everything you mentioned are things I completely agree with and when I have time would like to look into adding and testing

Agreed, but it would be good if we could stop the healing animation at any time and continue later where we left off.

Also agree, but I think that you should be able to move while eating, and you shouldn’t be able to use weapons while you have a food item out.

I don’t think that you should be restricted to eating as much as you want. Adding a reuse timer for the healing effect would be good though.

Scrap armor system?

How about no

As a semi new player of the game let me explain why I spam bandage and spam eat.

The reason: I am a fresh spawn running with a rock, naked and trying to collect materials or food. When a guy in full kevlar comes up and start trying to pump me full of lead, I run as fast as I can away from him. As I am getting shot I am spamming bandage to stop the bleeding and eating what food I do have to stay alive. So should just stop and let the guy get every thing I have gathered in the last 20-30 minutes of my life and respawn again to start the nonsense all over?

If I understand you correctly you want to make it even harder than it already is for the new players with the current state of the game?

The sleeping bag system needs changed as well. Being able to spam 2-5 sleeping bags near the enemy you are attacking is a bit silly. How many waves of naked guys trying to grab guns off of corpses do I have to fight off before its over? How about limit sleeping bags?

You misunderstand the big picture, food spam and bandages are good for you now but it is also good for those kevlar guys as they have 100 stacks
they spam in every fight. Without the safety of their usual non-realistic combat strategies they will be less likely to venture off the beaten path as they
will actually fear real gun fights. Which in turn helps the fresh spawns from being trolled into quitting. At least that’s my perspective.

–edited to remove rambling :wink:

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I gave the option that I would have preferred, camouflage is so much better than
tanking bullets so you can choose your battles. But as I also suggested, given the
current map this seems highly unlikely to ever work which is why I gave an alternate.
That was just my own preference, which we are all entitled to.

I didn’t get to see your rambling but I hope my post did not come off as whiny. That explanation I fully agree with. (;

Snipers would be too op. Sitting on your house waiting for people to walk by BOOM 1 shot… Stupid no way to fight back against snipers. Scrap that Idea

Fair enough your entitled to your own opinion. :wink:
But i believe bolt action sniper rifles would add an interesting element for raiding and defending purposes.
You already have military grade weapons (M4-Mp5-shotguns) why stop now…
The sniper rifles should be really hard to get or make. like the as-50 in dayz.

And it would take a great amount of luck,skill and precision to hit a bambi on the run lagging 10 meter’s every few seconds.

I’m all for it.

I actually 100% agree with the sniper. It wouldn’t be too OP at all. Hitting people in this game from far away whilst they’re moving is hard enough with a pistol. xD

Instead of a sniper I suggest something along the lines of a scoped hunting rifle, that will still be as accurate but not shoot 50. caliber bullets. Game is already too dangerous.

I’d like to see a winchester with variation of rounds and a Mosin-nagant that can have a scope attached. And not to forget the bow and arrow.

I didnt upvote because of the suggestion of making weapons do more damage or guns that goes through armour as they will not help new players or give the threat of dying to the big clan guys. As i think it would help them more because they would be able to deal out more damage and have stronger weapons.

But I do agree with making guns like M4 (and other items) harder to find and get. I do think that guns and items like M4 you should not be able to craft for balance reasons as when the EU server was wiped in the first 10-15min I was killed by an M4 and also because personally I dont see in the grand scheme of things a naked guy can just build himself a M4.

Well if it is more about finding weapons vs building them then it won’t be a problem, also .556 on a naked guy vs a 7.62x39 mm will have very little difference, the main idea is that bullets are going to also hurt the kevlar guys just as much, right now pistols mp5s etc are not nearly as effective. So yes kevlar is effective for some protection against smaller caliber but when we go into the larger caliber rounds it’ll make these guys roaming around killing noobs think about whether traversing the map is worth it or not. But that was just one of the proposed changes I suggested, there are so many more things that need to be changed for this to all work imo.

Also on the sniper rifle idea, right now it would be op because you can see players from a ridiculously far distance because the foliage is so sparse and ofc naked guys are like glowing beacons of glory atm, but if standalone supports a more densely packed foresty area and they add some realistic shaders and weather I don’t see it being a problem. Remember they said the map is going to be at least 10km^2 when they are finished iirc, this is a much larger space than we are in now. As long as they don’t have .50 cal or .338 lapua or it’s very difficult to get then it’ll be fine imo.

Sniper rifles? No thanks, this map isn’t big enough to support that. Bolt action rifles would be fine. No scopes.
Also the bullet travel distance doesn’t seem to support the animation. You can only hit people from a certain distance even if the person is rendered and the bullet renders all the way to the person you are shooting at.