Combat Arms Models

Well After Researching the hell on how to get the models from combat arms here are some i’ve ported, heres a few pictures of what i’ve ported so far, The other specialist body has a separate head for his model… so that’s why it looks like that lol. i can also take requests for models from the game to. i think i can pretty much get a decent amount of them. the rest when decompiling resort to errors :\

I don’t think It’s worth to compile… look at the models quality… There is probably thousand of BETTER modeled weapons from other games like MW2 , CS:S (mods)…

The models quality is pretty poor. Such as some guns have like missing sides and holes but the developers of the game did make some epic textures for the guns like the AA12 and that ak103

Could you tell me how you got the textures to work. When I tried getting something from CA I tended to break the UVW’s

I’ve been slowly unwrapping the mei body myself, but I kinda suck at it.

The first model looks awesome.

The weapons are mostly pretty useless. BUT having the Specialists and Mercenaries would be REALLY cool. Some of them are very well designed like Deckland, Mei and Viper.

Ah yes the textures, i was having a really hard time with those myself, to have the UVW’S not broken, your gunna have to actually port the model out of the games files using this one program, witch has a selection box for Fixing UV’S

Could you tell me what is the program?

sure i’ll actually include in this pack of tools on how to get the models ok?, heres the link

Thanks for the link.

Oh LTB2X :frowning: Sadly that crashes on some models if I remember correctly. Also you can avoid using Dedit, since there’s a photoshop plugin for the textures as well.

Yeahh but, i don’t have photoshop lol. so might as well do with what ya got

Well I can confirm the method works just fine :slight_smile:
But like I’ve said, it crashes on some of the models.

Fantastic! Curiously, only Mei have a head…

Because it was the only model from those I managed to convert that did have a head. The rest have heads as seperate models.

lol nice man, but if you do convert them to garrysmod remember who to credit :wink:

well have to say the scale is fairly close to source actually. The legs are just a small bit shorter.

Example of a 2 minute rig.
That is if dropbox worked right now

lol sweet man, now if only those models where faceposeable :\

Nice mask you got there.

I could try make it face-pose-able by adding Face flexes.

Thanks man

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Ahem…cough “I don’t think It’s worth to compile… look at the models quality…” lol