Combat & Game content & Rendering & Ideas?

Hello there everyone. (TLDR?)

I have decided to quit playing until something is changed with the game, i am not making this to get attention but rather to hopefully help the developers make the game into something that is fun rather than just a grind fest where you farm farm farm farm build a house and gear then go die.

  1. Combat is terrible, as a frequent FPS player, i do get head-shots and et.c but sometimes the combat is so terrible that when i shoot “person” in the head “person” is lagging so badly it misses.
  2. There is no content, you have as previously mentioned “Farming stones and wood” - “Kill wolfs, bears, deers, boars, rabbit, chickens, zombies”… I have played for little over 3 weeks now i think and after that amount of time the game just becomes crap it is the same thing over and over.
  3. As the largest base owner in EU Rust, every time i walk to my base i lag up for 5 sec and get a frames drop to 10 fps or less.

Now here is my suggestions to the developers
A Profession system maybe? something involving specialization with pistols or rifles or shotguns to make a less spread better aim and the ability to attach silencer and other attachments rather than just giving people the ability to attach what ever when ever.
That profession system could work like something along where you can utilize your resources better so lets say you now need 10 wood to make 1 plank but with the Profession system when maxed in for example wood crafting you only need 5 wood.

I want a reason to continue playing because this game is repetitive and i realize the game is in Alpha but i want to see some changes, i am currently the leader of the biggest clan and base on EU servers and due to that i have heard many opinions from others too, and i doubt i am alone in that we want some more content to work with, as such i have many ideas i am willing to offer to Facepunch for free to improve the game.

Alright here are my ideas.
Make guns harder to obtain and craft - right now it is just a slaughter fest. (incredibly boring and this might give the game less of a murder scene and make people more friendly to new players because most of the kills are due to protect your booty “loot”)
Professions - improving normal crafting and survival slightly.(Examples, Running when you have ran for lets say… 50 miles you get skill level 100 and run 5% faster than people with lvl 1 in the skill) Passive skills just to prove that you have played longer.
Vehicles - Bikes or something similar that is not crazy fast but still faster than walking.
More building options - Maybe a watch tower build, storage house (tougher than houses to breach instead of 7 explosives maybe you need 15)
Make bears and wolfs run faster (not really a challenge at this moment)
Make Zombies roam the world more, they are easy to kill and quite-frankly useless make them tougher.
Add some more animals? Elephants, monkeys <- monkeys could be sitting the trees throwing shit at us just as an annoyance.
Make two servers - To not piss off the people who loves the game as it is maybe make one fast pace and one slow pace as i am suggesting to give all players the option to choose.
Add female characters… i want to see some hooters and some v-y
These are some ideas i can think of at this moment - Might edit it later.

Totally agree with you bro,
also add something like reinforced doors? maybe that might help avoid mass building.

You understand that this is still in alpha, right? More stuff is -always- on the way. The devs can only work so fast.

Did you even read his post? looks like not.

I would only like to add. Peepholes on doors haha. The amount of times I open the door to get an axe in the face.
I am resorting to a triple door system I thinks. Overkill is the way forward.
Btw are you the lad who owns that insanely massive I guess you could call city behind the mountain?

Where on earth do you get all the wood.

Yes and it spawns around us.

It’s pretty easy to see through walls and wood shelters.

Nice work indeed, I reckons il jump on tonight after work and screenshot your pad for my desktop.