Combat in Yonkers

Bit too much motion blur on the pistol
theres no exit wound.

maybe the bullet bounced down in the body by hitting some bone

I loved World War Z so much

So I love this pose.

This is not criticism.

It’s a pistol…

Hurr durr Hollywood?

Awesome and where is the soldier model from?

As soon as I saw the title, I knew I was going to see some WWZ stuff. Awesome.

He was making an observation about something so obvious.

Posting because Hunter told me to.

blood needs an exit wound, motion blur could use some work, i can see parts where you erased it but that’s not a big deal

posing is pretty good, so overall its an okay pic

Its possible the picture was taken while the bullet was still inside? That’s a possibility.

Anyway, I like the pic. :slight_smile:

Pistols don’t make exit wounds because the bullets are made to get lodged in whoever gets shot.

Bullets are designed to go fast and penetrate better than the alternative, arrows and spears. Some bullets change their shape (hollow points for example) but most bullets are jacketed in copper or brass and are designed to stay the same shape, and usually do when they exit or are found inside a body later. Any tumbling inside the body is merely a side effect of differing tissue density and water content. The same can be said about fragmentation although obviously projectile design plays a role as well.

Shot placement and range has an impact on whether an exit occurs more so than the size of the round, to a logical point of course.

To know for sure whether or not this bullet penetrated, we need to establish a few things.[ul]
[li]How much blood is inside the zomby body[/li][li]At what stage of decomposition was our undead friend[/li][li]What is the density of zombie muscle[/li][li]What time of day is it[/li][li]How many skips did the cow take over the moon[/li][li]Did the zombie poop this morning[/li][li]What time is it, oh nevermind I already asked that[/li][li]Who cares?[/ul][/li]

I have determined that the bullet would not have exited and thus this image is accurate.


[sp]There is a pic I should be editing right now but I don’t want to so I did this instead hehe back to work now[/sp]


Rounds can tumble based on the type of round fired. A .45 isn’t gonna tumble so much as crumple, and a .9mm would probably bounce around somewhat. Some munitions are specifically designed the way they are to tear up the inside of the target instead of fragmenting or flattening. .22s are a good example of this, though that has more to do with the size of the round than anything else. Enough of that malarky though, the picture is okay. Comprehension wise I don’t really get the sense that I’m viewing the Battle of Yonkers; moreso that I’m watching someone shooting a zombie in the chest as he’s being overwhelmed by zombies. Maybe if you had included more of a background to the shot it would have been more understandable.
The Battle of Yonkers had a lot of crazy shit going on that you could have included, such as when the super heated munition was dropped. Or perhaps when armored units were firing armor piercing rounds into the horde of zombies. There’s just not enough here to let me know that it is indeed Yonkers, ya know?

You guys took this really seriously.