Combat log script- Please let the gear of the combat loggers drop on the ground and other improvements.

I’ve thought about it a bit and also this little thing irks me.

Whenever you combat log, even after a fight (Because you have no idea you’re still within 30 seconds after taking damage, be it from a wolf or some bullshit) you die, obviously. However, all your gear gets wiped. It doesn’t drop, so if you combat log when taking damage you deny both your aggressor and yourself the gear. Which is great if you’re set on “If I can’t have it, so can’t anyone else”.

If you are going to log out during the combat time, either add a timer somewhere when you log out how long it takes before you’d get killed, and then a warning. Or just either. They’re pretty much needed as I know that I and my friends have been making a lot of mistakes when disconnecting too early.

In order to do a warning, you could do the simple annoying webpage script (For now, would be different when the client comes) which pesters you about “Do you really? REALLY? want to leave?”. Might save some people from the mistake.

from my experience it does drop.

When the crashing was happening I got hit, ran back to where I crashed at and looted my stuff.

Has never happened for me.

I had 6 guys run up on my house with explosives. The last render glitch wiped all my items so I had notheing. After hearing them blow open my first door I tried talking to them and then logged out before they breached doors 2,3,4,and5. Does that make me a combat logger to you?
I had taken no damage or attacked the people invading my home but did get away by logging off.

That’s another form of combat logging which annoys me, but without any form of friend system it might be hard to make it in the first place. Having a limit where a person can disconnect depending on how close you are would be the best bet. Of course there’d be a workaround, but atleast it would work against those annoying shelter combatloggers.

That is true. I would like to see a clothing/dye system or a possible friend system for groups(They said they didn’t want this I guess).

The whole idea of a combat logging system is a bit crappy. The fact that you need to add queries makes it worse. Adding a timer when it’s safe to leave makes it even worse still.

My opinion is that instead of adding these bandaid solutions to problems like this we should be looking at using the problems as an opportunity to add gameplay elements. Imagine if you never logged off. Your body stayed where it is, to be messed with, killed, looted. You’d have to find somewhere safe to hide - like your house - or your sleeping bag. Or you could go to sleep in a bush, in a tree. Maybe we could introduce something so you could dig a hole you could sleep in - so only a straw would be sticking out of the ground. There’s a lot of interesting gameplay elements there.

This would put a lot more emphasis on building a safehouse and protecting it. Because you wouldn’t just be protecting your possessions that you keep in boxes, you’d be protecting your life and everything you own.

It would tackle people picking up all their stuff and leaving too - so houses would actually have things to loot. To make it worth entering.

It makes it easy to make it so the player gets hungrier or bleeds out when they’re logged off too. Their existence doesn’t pause when they’re offline. We might see things happening like hotels where people go to sleep safely and not get looted. People being carried, asleep, and waking up in a slave farm forced to farm 50 potatoes before they can leave.

When you see what possibilities it opens up - it makes it seem stupid to kill players and drop all their stuff if they disconnect during combat with another.

I support this idea more than the timer idea.

Garry at this stage of the game it is crappy idea. People have TONS of c4. Yesterday i have been raided by few guys. They had enough c4 to brake almost all my metal door ( had about 20 ) and few walls!
I was building it for 2 days. It was safe i thought.

Your idea is good if you make c4 much harder to get, do less dmg or at last add metal buildings so they cannot brake it that easly

I remember a dev actually mentioning that more materials are on their way with a picture of a metal house.

Infact, metal plating.

You’re right - lets stop working on the game because people have C4

Nope. Dont you dare.
I would say lets balance it so Your ideas wont brake game for lone players.

Its cool and realistic when instead of disapearing you character physicaly stay in game as laying in sleeping bag. Great idea.

Don’t be a loner?

I thought it is a sandbox game.

I think it’s perfectly fair to log off with your favourite things in your inventory.

Just make the body vulnerable after logout for 5-10 seconds; makes sense to me.

PS I don’t know about making players killable while logged out. As it is, my house is raided and my sleeping bag is gone every time I come back unless it’s a remote base.

Even in a sandbox game there’s generally a right and a wrong way to play it. I don’t really see the point in playing a multiplayer game and only sitting by your self in a corner the entire time.

the hotel idea is a grievers dream, pitch a tent and get a campfire goin

An alternative would be to have it so you don’t have an offline inventory, so when you logout, all your shit (including equipped) gets dumped in your crates, or if you’re out of space or don’t have crates it dumps it in a single-use container of some kind which disappears once empty (and you cant add items to it, so you’re not getting a free box).

A couple of issues would arise though. Since “your crates” is a bit of a weird term since crates are crates and aren’t really owned, I’ll point out two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Crates become owned – You could simply log off to safely get your stuff back to your crates without any hassle.

Scenario 2: Crates remain un-owned (and “your crates” refer to the closest crates to you) – If for some reason you lose connection (internet, power outage etc.), your stuff would just be shoved into the nearest crate wherever you were.