Combat logging - Suggestion

Hey. after a small incident yesterday:

I was in my house minding my own buisness, i was about to log off so i took everything of value. i was wearing kevlar and wielding a shotgun.

I popped my head out my door to see if i should collect the nearby resources before i logged, but they hadnt respawned. Then a nudist came running from the corner and hit me with a rock,

ofcourse i just blew his head out with a shell and went inside. And logged.

This ment that when logging on later. i was dead because of combat log. dang!, i forgot about it.

So i suggest there should be some form of indicator wich shows when you are still within the 30 secs of combat.


If you do log out when you are bleeding (and that seems to be the case) you will die automatically.
So next time don’t log out while you are bleeding.


So, does this mean there is not a 30 second combat log timer?

No, there isn’t. The solution for Combat Logging is if you log out while bleeding, you automatically die.

Unless it’s been changed within the past month, I can confirm it’s actually nothing to do with bleeding. There is a timer after you take damage, but i’m not sure how long it’s set.

If you get shot, but you aren’t bleeding and you log out within 30 secs, do you die?

Easy solution is that there should be a, for example, 15-second pop-up window that displays a timer counting down from 15 seconds to 0 when actively logging out.

Hit escape button, click log-out, and this small timer pop-up appears counting down so one cant combat log, and that there is some brief waiting period before your completely out, and that the player logging out knows that they are safely out of the game.


I don’t like the idea of forcing people to wait to logout, just make a popup saying that if you logout within x amount of seconds due to you’re in combat you’ll automatically die upon return.

Don’t you hate combatlogging? It is just a gamebreaking thing.
That’s why, in my opinion they should implement that kind of a system to stop that.


If you die upon logging out due to combat log, that does the same job as making you fully wait the 15 seconds or so. They could just alt - tab. I havn’t run into a combat logger yet, there’s more of a hacker problem than a combat logger problem atm.

I get your point :slight_smile: