Combat Simulation sLayer

I don’t have time anymore and nor do any of the other developers of the gamemode.
This was my first proper lua coding project. I hope someone finds enjoyment out of it.
All the information you will need is in a readme.txt


It’s an empty folder.

Not for me it isn’t.

It’s got 12 maps, materials, models, particles, fonts, sounds and gamemode files.

Looks like a basic DM gamemode with custom weapons and votemap.

Must have shown up later, wasn’t showing anything 20 hours ago.

You forgot to credit me for the votemap/round sys/tags :v:

You were credited in somewhere I am sure. Oh yea the f4 menu. Everthing is credited there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t tell me this is another DarkRP edit.

it isnt another DarkRP edit.

I’d rather have darkrp edits than idiots commenting on threads w/o doing any kind of research.

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Maybe that’s just me.