Combat stress test

I’m looking for some people who are interested in world war 2 vehicular combat to help stress test a new concept game mode played out in contraption fights. We help need to prove the claims it can withstand 8 vs 8 players all using contraption vehicles without lag. In the process we are hoping to find some people who might become interested in the project. For anymore information or interest in this rising project please contact me through steam friends, add me as Mark8800.

Gmod can’t handle that.

Well you have no idea how we are getting gmod to handle it do you? 4 vs 4 has gone fine without lag.

Perhaps not that 4 vs 4 but the next 4 vs 4 might lag even a 2 vs 2 could lag it depends on how powerful the server is and if source is in a good mood. You’ll probably fail though.

I know this sounds like blasphemy but, please stop prejudging the project, your perception gmod vehicular combat is most likely not equivalent of the project. I am not giving much detail in this thread because I’m persevering it to the people who care. If you do care, do please contact me on friends.

i was there with him testing it and there was no lag whatsoever 4 vs 4… and if you dont care then why say anything? really its not hard. anyway we did this on a hamachi server, so i think a dedicated server would be able to handle up to 8 vs 8 or even more

Maybe if you actually told us what it was, we wouldnt prejudge?

You know. Just a thought.

If this vague description doesn’t catch your interest, then I guess you’re not what we are looking for. But makes me wonder because you bothered to post?

What gets me is why you decided this should go in contraptions.

A vague description won’t catch many peoples attention, most decent people will immediately see there are no pictures or videos or anything, see that there’s only 3 lines of writing and leave.

We are not looking forward to being flooded by the general public players, this project is not about appealing to everyone. I posted it in the contraptions section because the game mode is revolving around contraptions and not a death match derma game mode.

Depending on prop limits and what types of contraptions people may build, it could get pretty laggy if there weren’t fairly strict limits.

It wouldn’t lag even with 10 vs 10 when everyone would use a 1x2 phx plate with wheels thrusters and gcombat gun on it.
You should see my point there.

Yeah claiming a WW2 vehicular battle would require the vehicles to “look” like vehicles from ww2. No way you can get that sort of detail in anything 8 times in a server and have them move/fight.

Example of a WW2 tiger tank in gmod.

that is a fucking enormous tiger

The body is boxy too D: still hawt.

Lol, are you just going to sit there and prove somthing wrong based on information you dont have? Did you think of trying it out and proving me wrong?

How the fuck can we try it out IF YOU HAVENT POST ANY INFO?

Because for all we know all you are doing is slapping gcombat guns onto airboats.

Even two <150 prop tanks can be stressful for a server. Unless it’s something like a dual quad-core server with near limitless RAM, I can’t easily see this working well under any circumstances.

However, if you’re certain you have a way to make something like that work I’m mildly interested.