Combat suggestions

Okay I’m not gonna say how military equipment should be insane to get and stuff like that.
What I want to suggest is adding some depth in melee combat. Then some servers might actualy even want to turn off the guns, and just use melee combat.
This would require adding some weapons like swords (fast), two-handed axes (strong) and spear (long), made of wood and metal, but being crude just as stone hatchet is.
Also to give melee fighters some edge in the combat, holding down LMB should raise your weapon, and sprinting with raised weapon would make you charge, running even faster, but consuming far more hunger (like 10 times, for example). Only for weapons, not for hatchet or pickaxe. This would allow a person with a melee weapon to have a chance to get in range of a shooter without being shot down. And ability to block attacks would be nice.
Also maybe adding throwing spears, which you could pick up after using, but they would cost much more resources to craft, have less range than bow, and only stack up to five to compensate.

In my journeying through worlds of Rust, I’ve seen people build things like arenas and then let teams fight inside, these kind of weapons would be perfect for that.

They should add combo moves too and special moves that you can unlock!


I do like the ideas of more melee weapons. The idea of more ways to damage players or npcs is great due to how it changes how effective are at certain weapons.

Which could then even lead to a simple rpg system, and your xp would stick to a server and get deleted with wipe. But I wouldn’t necessirily say combo moves, more like Jump attack, Spin attack, Kick, or even Sword Clashing.

Also I think drawing a bow for a longer time should put the bow closer to the center, so if you take your time, you can aim more precisely.

I think combat mechanics like you imply should be reviewed for later versions, currently the game is quite unbalanced and we are many to preffer using low tech weapons to avoid loosing too much resources.

Hello, I have an idea for another NPC, I’ve heard that the zombies will be removed and that they will become some kind of mutants. I think it would be cool if the mutants will look like naked new players who just entered the server and that someone from far away will think that it is a new player but that it is actually a strong mutant. this helps for the people who kill noobs without giving them a chance. The mutants will be strong so that even people with good stuff need to be carefull when they see a naked guy. The mutants need to be rare.


More weapons sounds nice. Throwing spears sound cool

What about finishing moves and fatalities?