Combat Suit +Jetpack

Here is a heavy weapon combat suit plus jetpack. It is slightly steam-punk styled and of not very detailed prop construction. It’s shipped with a steam-propelled melon and propane canister launcher. Despite the simplistic look, it took a ton of work to get it working properly and have detailed sound effects.

You can find the dupe here:

I’d suggest in future recording in in singleplayer, the video is a tad jerk, but all in all very nice, a bit hectic but the functionality is grand, I’d give a happy 9/10.

OP, you never fail to surprise. :slight_smile: 5/5.

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Nice I like it awesome I like the details good job!

I like how the pulleys move the nose of the gun. I think it would look better with working legs on it too.

How does the health gauge work?

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Thanks. I am not so sure about the singleplayer though, it is nice when the server handles the server-side workload such as the physics. But a good idea would be to play on a near empty server, that will help a lot with the lag. I think I was recording at double my normal resolution for some of that, causing a lot of the lag.

Thanks RedReaper.

Thanks. I tried a couple times to add functioning legs, but it never looked or worked right :frowning:

It uses a wiremod damage detector. The health needle is just a prop on an axis-join to the pressure guage, and applyAngForce is used to control the angle. Right now he is designed to take 5 hits (watermelon, propane tank, physical impact, or gun) while on foot, or 2 hits while in the air to die.

If I could make a suggestion, I’d say do what xro said and maybe take another stab at the legs.

Also, it’d be much cooler if the suit became immobile when the health reached 0, rather than just killing the operator. Maybe have the player complete a quicktime sequence to reroute the critical systems. It doesn’t have to be time-based, have it be like Just Cause 2 where the buttons are all displayed and you have to press them in the correct order, minus the timer.

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thats what WAC and Gcombat was made for. blowing up props

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