combie gets impaled by a merlok

i blocked the os page message so were all happy now

coments welcome

Turn graphics up, also that’s a Mirelurk.


Dont use paint

then what

Use GIMP or buy Photoshop, also buy a new computer… that’s good. Try harder on getting the OS: Paged Pool Memory thing out.

i do what i can

You can do more than what you’re doing.

true,true yet i dont…

Why? If you want nice pictures than you should try your best on them.

i know i realy do try its just i need better maps and i cant find them and mapping is a bitch

The map doesn’t really matter when you don’t have good graphics. Enless it’s like the other picture you made with the D.I.P.R.I.P. models, only those look bad up close… I don’t know what you can do about the graphics other than a new computer or really good editing skills.

i know the diprip one the only reson i added motonblur was to add the effect that youre vison got cloudy/messed up because of the explosen example in some war typed game you also get that effect eg medal of honor vangard

Umm yeah…

You should’ve just used the paint tool in Gmod instead of MS Paint to make blood.

i dident use ms paint i used the program paint

Microsoft Paint = Paint.

oh ok

Learn to type correctly and use capital letters, or else few people will take you seriously if any.

The picture would be good without Paint editing and bad GFX.