Combie Soldier Poses In An Industrial Setting

It’s about time I got unbanned! To tell you the truth…I’m kinda glad I WAS banned. Gave me time to keep adding on to this screen shot I made.

In the Red

No Smoke Version



C&C Boys.

Had to re-post it because of the descriptive title…(Sorry Mod)

i love how you can see he has ,what looks like, a HUD thats visible through hollogram

Yeah, I usually mess around with some of the brushes and layer effects until I find something that looks nice.

Looks nice, the only problem is that the steam looks a little out of place.

I liked that too, it’s pretty awesome, reminds me of Dead space

I’m not too good with steam/smoke. :ohdear:

The HUD shit on the eyes looks really nice, bad angled but nice.
Also, alot of wasted space on the right, and you need to smooth the smoke so it doesnt look really copy pasted(try with the eraser at 25% opacity or less until desired effect).

I’ll try to work on that. Thanks for the C&C.

The HUD is quite nice and original. Damn the smoke though… completely ruins the picture. It’s too thick and obviously just a bunch of cloud brushes. Colouration doesn’t match the rest of the picture either.

If you guys want a version without the smoke, I can upload one in a flash!


No Smoke Version has been uploaded. C&C folks.