Combination - Episode 1: Desserts

That posing is so subtle and so effective, it makes the comic for me. You did a really good job with the body language. Camera angles are great and the punchline is corny but really suits the dialogue build-up. It’s short and sweet and something I could definitely see as a recurring series. This is a solid start to something really great.

Civilians look kind of wooden in the second panel though. Is that intentional? Am I missing something there?

Everything that is standing are NPCs. I was honestly too lazy to pose bunch of background characters just for that scene. However, I know I could of done it better and took the time to pose characters in action rather than just standing.

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Thanks for the comment though!

why are their heads so lumpy

That was a very short, direct gag, but it was fun. Very sleek presentation too, which isn’t something just anyone can do. Earned a blog post at Metrocop, which is really the only type of recommendation I can give nowadays.

Oh, and I’m not usually fond of absurd humor in comics, but if that other metrocop had pulled out sunglasses and put them on, I would’ve fallen to the floor laughing. Or as the kids say it, I’d ROFLMAO.

I was going to suggest putting on a second mask, instead of the sunglasses, but that definitely would have topped off the humor.

I feel like you haven’t done anything in a while, Crzy… maybe I am just insane, but I’ll be looking for your stuff; you’re good content.

Heh, now you are my second favorite comic after LuaHelper. Nice work and it was funny too, keep it up.