Combinator Trailer

'Cause of some copyright problems and other things i had to rename my project.

So a complete new Storyline was born… so here is my trailer to Combinator. (Sounds ugly :V)

It was rather boring and random, didnt explain anything about the storyline, it was walking and a bunch of fire. You might want to redo the whole concept of your trailer.

Just expand is all im going to say, your editing was okay, we need a bit more information though.

Oh, sorry if i didnt explain’d it right.
This trailer was meant to show how my original Machinima changed, in the Combine style.

So it wasnt really a story based trailer, and a trailer dont has to be telling you something about the Story.

It’s just showing you how the Style of the Machinima will be.

So its just a display of your Machinima Filming Style?

Even if so, a trailer is to grab the audience in by in ways hinting the plot, delivering the storyline, and including some interesting scenes that will pull the audience in.

Example :

Of course you’re in a way right. But still, a trailer doesn’t has to show the Story or anything of it.

Like Terminator Redemption trailer, you just see a Terminator (Arnold) killing other Terminator.

So, i dont really want to start a flame war now or something like it, i know what you mean and i can understand it, it’s just that this wasn’t a story based trailer just showing things like

: ,Here this what the Editing will look like" or ,This is the new Terminator, no Arnold or something like him just a Metrocop" you know?

I completely understand what your saying, im just giving some constructive critism, OFTEN trailers will show the storyline, in this case it didnt, and showed your style of editing, and a preview of whats to come, the constructive critism is for you to use when you make a more expanded trailer of some sort.

Yes, i got that thanks for the information, i know what i have to do for the next trailer.