Combine Adminstrator Arrives For An Important Meeting


First pose in a long while. C&C. Thanks.

Well it seems you havent lost your touch ;d This pic is really nice, I would like to see your old pics to compare them :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice posing, the grain was a nice touch but the blurr on the ship’s engine on the left corner seems a little out of place.

EDIT: I just saw there is a minor clipping issue on the right leg of the Administrator(It clips with the jacket).

I like it. The story could have used more meat to it, but it did its justice. My only problems would be the angle and the names, they’re just so…strange.

Not bad. I like it; the men look serious and engaged in their conversation. However, the guard on the right has a bit of awkward gun holding. That’s the only flaw though.

And why are the two guards trying to choke each other? Did they lose a bet or something? :v:

The guard with the arm extended is just patting the other one on the shoulder… not choking him lol

Heh, I also thought he attacking him.

Lol good guess. But the guard is actually grabbing the other one’s collar in anger. He’s a rookie by the way, doesn’t remember all the rules.

Also, thanks for the comments, been helpful

The combine guy is holding his weapon strangely. The backstory is okay, not amazing, but okay. Just as a tip; you need to put a space before putting brackets in.

Um, why am I and my vehicles in it?

I found them after installing the Huge Player Model Pack, I actually don’t know why :confused: I thought they looked cool and used them.