Combine advance

Click for full size.
Remake of this image. If I wasn’t shit at editing, I’d get some proper explosions in there.

He looks like he’s summoning a pokemon. Nice job though

I was going to say he was summoning a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but that works too ^^;
Still a good scene though.

Ugly standard explosions kills it. Use photoshop. And yeah, where is DOF?

DOF wouldn’t add anything to the scene, there’s nothing to distract from the combine, and it would just end up turning the snow into an ugly white splotch. Like I said, it was either sub-par source explosions or laughably bad Photoshop ones, take your pick.

DOF is mandatory part of any screenshot. You would nick down this. And your excuse about making ugly explosion seems ridiculously. If you can’t make normal effects in PS, just learn how to. Don’t rape Source.

in all simplicity this is pretty good

hahahaha you again

Given the use of Civil Protection in HL2, I’m confused why the CP is there,
but otherwise, I love this pic.
Especially the pose.

I made it after a few rounds of lambda wars, so that’s really what the picture is themed after.
If I get around to editing it, I’ll replace him with a soldier or something.


I love this. Really cool camera angle, sweet dynamic and intense posing.

This would be perfect with better effects and editing.