Combine Advisor SNPC [REQUEST]

I wish people made more of the half life series classics like the combine advisor they have allways been a wonder for me they are cool and people are just useing manhacks as them its pretty annoying and it would be pretty cool if there were.

What I would do for this…

Me and Vrej are currently working on a Half-Life 2 Beta SNPC pack along with others, version one excludes the advisor, but we may add it in later versions… no promises though

Perhaps a link?

They’re working on it.

Oh yeah, didn’t pay much attention, sry.

I am working on another project here is the link: But I think Angrypepper is working on the HL2 Beta pack.

yeah, don’t get excited. I can already foresee whats going to be in this “HL2 Beta pack”

You think i’d just come back without a single change? he’s working with me, infact all of the projects i am working on are being created by both vrej and i…

i’m sorry but from all your previous releases had gave me a mindset on what I think about your NPCs

Back then, i was a retarded little nut head with intelligence equivalent to that of an acorn… i’ve come a long way…