Combine AI and ideas. I would like to hear your ideas.

I reposted this since there were no replies.
Hello I am new to Garrysmod and whenever I have a combine soldier he gets killed by a rebel in 1 second. I know there is accuracy proficiency for npcs and advanced AI(links at end) but i want new ai for combine soldiers. For example, the ones that black mesa has. I wish that once you spawn a couple of soldiers they turn to squads. After they turn to squads and they see enemy one throws a grenade while the others find cover. They throw another grenade behind cover and one bursts out(presumably with a shotgun) while the others support him by shooting and throwing 'nades. I just like combine. It will be also cool to make them use smg1 secondary fire. That is what I want. Now I want to hear your ideas so maybe a coder will here us(hopefully).


My ideas are that combine soldiers should run farther from grenades because they constantly get blown up by another soldier that throws a grenade. Also they shouldn’t wait until their enemy is close before they start shooting. There should be an option to set the distance in which they start attacking.

You can also try make them a squadname in the console like this.

Spawn a few combine soldiers infront of you and then use this code into the console:

ent_fire npc_combine_s setsquad 1

Then every combine that has been spawned in the level should now be a squad. now they are a bit less dumb and they help together as a team.

You can notice that if they are communicate/chatting eachother.

Oh and if you want to make those combine soldiers stronger use this code and put it into the console:

sk_combine_s_health 500

Hope this helped a bit.