Combine AI request and ideas.

Hello I am new to Garrysmod and whenever I have a combine soldier he gets killed by a rebel in 1 second. I know there is accuracy proficiency for npcs and advanced AI(links at end) but i want new ai for combine soldiers. For example, the ones that black mesa has. I wish that once you spawn a couple of soldiers they turn to squads. After they turn to squads and they see enemy one throws a grenade while the others find cover. They throw another grenade behind cover and one bursts out(presumably with a shotgun) while the others support him by shooting and throwing 'nades. I just like combine. It will be also cool to make them use smg1 secondary fire. That is what I want. Now I want to hear your ideas so maybe a coder will here us(hopefully).

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Anyone else like the Combine?

Most NPCs will act smart(er) if a map is properly noded; Unfortunately this isn’t popular among most gmod coders, since gmod maps are mostly for construction and/or visuals.

When a map is properly noded the NPCs will form squads automaticly, they’ll throw grenades from behind covers and “bust out”, assaulting their enemies as they run for cover. I’m not sure if they’re assigned different “positions” depending on their equipment though, but I doubt it.

The smg1 secondary fire shouldn’t be too hard to implement; Find a suitable situation to use it, set a suitable NPC schedule while it fires and spawn a smg1 grenade heading in a certain direction. The most advanced part would probably be calculating what angle the grenade should be fired at, but even that is pretty easy.

I don’t really like combine :stuck_out_tongue: But it’d be cool if they acted notably intelligent besides just standing there while shooting and throwing grenades after you when disappear from their view.