Combine AI

I dont know if this is in the right section but how do I make the combine AI like it is in c17 for my new hl2 mod? when I start the beginning cutscene it kills the npc that resembles the player thats supposed to be walking to his jail cell how do I make the AI just standing there beating you like sh#t if you get too close??


well? anyone??


T_T someone plz help with this … PLEASE


If you dont understand then IM trying to make the AI like the beginning of half life 2



Are you asking how you make animations, if you are, you want the modelling section. or are you asking how you would set something like you explained badly up?

Patience mate, we don’t have the time to check this forum 24/7

like the AI at the start of Half life 2

If I read your post right, I believe this is what you’re looking for.

There’s no AI at the beginning of HL2, it’s a choreographed sequence of animations.

he beats the walking npc everytime I load my mod

I think I understand, but you’ve explained so it incredibly badly. No offence.

do u know how to fix it?

That’s using “Faceposer” to control the animations that are played.

The answer to your question has already been posted.


So you want your metro cops to hit you and push you away when you get too close and chase you when you throw glass bottles at their face?


thats correct

Oh, I’ve got a solution for the pushing, but that’s it.