Combine APC Station

Made with an HL2RP map I’m working on. (I increased the lightmap size and added a few NPCs and vehicles for this)

It’s not bad but there’s much MUCH more room for improvement.
For example the foreground, there’s nothing going on there. There’s really just too much empty space everywhere.
The angle is too sweeping, a closer angle would give you a much tighter focus and make the picture look much more coherent.
The point of focus is the garage doors, which is bad because there’s nothing going on there. Like at all. You should’ve at least put some CPs standing around in front of it so people have something to look at if the eye was meant to be drawn there.
Dressing things up a bit more with some trash props like piles of litter and such would go the extra mile for making this feel like a living, breathing scene rather than just a concrete lot some guys in an APC decided to congregate in.
Just keep on with the practicing and you’ll get it in no time. I’ve been doing this since I was like 12 and I’m still just hovering above the par line in terms of quality.

Needs more activity going on in the picture, feels a little hum-drum.