Combine AR-1 Pulse Rifle

So I’m a modeller for a WIP GAME-MODE (not mod lol my bad) called “The Seven Hour War”. I’m pretty new at modelling myself still, but I wanted to share this design for the AR-2s little brother, the AR-1. It’s not all that great, but I designed and modelled it, so I guess that’s something. I just like sharing my stuff with you guys. Unfortunately, when I render it for some reason in Blender, the barrel and energy core launcher disappears–and yes they are checked renderable in the outliner menu. So I had to use viewport for this model.

Here’s a diagram that shows its reload. Only one part is done by hand and that is the insertion of a new energy round. You probably already noticed this rifle doesn’t have a mag like the AR-2 does, which is why this is the previous version. The mag on the AR-2 allows for fully automated reloading system. AR-1 is only mostly automated.

Here’s the parts list…sorry for bad mouse-writing.

There you go guys, hope you at least think it’s pretty cool or something.

pretty cool? more like pretty FUCKING cool! this looks great

why the heck would they have ARs during the War? it literally only lasted seven hours and all the firearms operated by the Combine have been adapted from human technology for use on Earth

let me guess your mod is going to have Overwatch soldiers in it too

the model of course looks pretty fantastic so far

Do people even read? Look at what I wrote in the gamemode thread.

Oh hey Nick! Lol, yeah we know the story doesn’t seem 100 percent Canon, but read some of the things on the 7 Hour War progress thread should explain everything. This weapon almost became the AR-3 but it made much more sense to make it the AR-1.

gamemode thread?

what gamemode thread?

if it’s in the GMod Gamemodes section then i’m reaaallly sorry for never bothering to even read that section because i don’t care about gamemodes. OP was talking about a mod so how should i know about any gamemodes


well looks like it’s a gamemode alright

having Overwatch and AR pulse rifles (just soldiers with weird uniforms and regular guns that sound different and shoot disco lights) in a gamemode called 7 Hour War isn’t going to work if it’s meant to represent the view from both sides of the conflict, and saying that you’re not following the canon 100% is a shitty excuse. why not just model some humanoid-ish synths and give them synth-themed guns? synths were what they used in the conflict anyway. plus having non-identical armies would be more interesting

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oh looks like the people in the other thread are fighting over this exact thing too

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gamemode thread?

what gamemode thread?

if it’s in the GMod Gamemodes section then i’m reaaallly sorry for never bothering to even read that section because i don’t care about gamemodes. OP was talking about a mod so how should i know about any gamemodes


My bad, guess I should’ve said gamemode. Anyways, perhaps the Combine developed this weaponry before their triumphant conquering of Earth? Not much is really known of the war, perhaps they cooked up some humanoid army to assist the synths in the takeover you know?

it could be that they had spies infiltrating and studying during the Portal Storms

COULD be, because that’s highly unlikely. i’m sure they wouldn’t risk being compromised before the main assault. the War was a total surprise attack, had we known about it beforehand we could have put up some heavy resistance even with our extremely primitive mil tech, and that would have been just wasteful from the Universal Union’s perspective considering the relatively small size of our puny CO2 and H2O-filled world

the guns and vehicles used on Earth are way too human-like to having been developed in a different universe, on a different planet, by a totally bizarre and eldritch alien empire. i still say they were built afterwards for the converted humans to keep the slaves in line, after the empire decided that it would be total waste to try to shepherd a bunch of primitive primates with anti-matter wave motion guns when you can just take the existing tech on the planet and augment it with yours

You’ve got quite the argument, but perhaps we can just agree with the spy theory. To me, it makes a sense that they adapted human weapons and implemented their tech prior to the invasion. Just for the sake of the gamemode. If you of course don’t agree, which is likely, then I don’t know what else to tell you. I do appreciate however what you think of my model. I spent a lot of time designing it.

yeah well let’s go with the spy theory

the thing that always looked goofy to me on the AR2 was the magazine which was never changed for some reason, probably had a mini-portal inside it teleporting the energy cells into it

this looks much cooler part because of that

Thanks man. Glad you could agree–other people aren’t so easy about it. Freakin’ Spongebob was undoubtedly the greatest TV show of all time, and no one cared that they had electricity, fire and liquid underwater, you know? We just got lost in it and enjoyed the show. Anyways thanks again for the feedback on my model. I definitely didn’t think I’d be decent at modelling lol.

i’d love to see this released as some individual model, really.

I can probably do that. I’ll have to assign the animator and texture artist to finish everything up, and then the coder to script it into a usable weapon. Then I can see its release for GMOD and make it available for download on