combine armory

made out of boredum.



use that

It looks like they are at a gun show just looking at guns.

All of the posing is pretty bad.

Since this is your first posted screenshot, I’ll go easy.

Graphics aren’t good, turn them. If your computer isn’t that good, pose with low graphics but then turn them all the way up when you take picture. Turn on your anti-aliasing, it removes the jagged edges. Posing needs a bunch of work, they look unnatural and a bit stiff. Camera angle is boring and leaves a bunch of empty space.

Keep trying!

Dear god, the combine have the portal gun

every gun i have is on this pic. i will work on fixing upthis image based on what people think.

my to do list

*repose some ragdolls
*change angle
*rase grathics level.
*add more guns. (top looks blank)

What a very active armory.

Posing isn’t horrible, but it’s not stellar, either.

i just relized there is a gnome in my armory i didn’t put that there. wonders how it got there