Combine assassin mourns over the death of an old flame

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death by bouncy ball

But Combined humans have no emotions or anything, they aren’t just dudes in cool suits.


Yessum :c

“…the main flaw with the neuralcyte was that once the link was severed, the affected humans would have a small charge in their skulls, then resume their mind before the combine rule.”

Read the story next time.

Meh, even so, she should look like a borg or something.

I think it would be more effective if the roles where reversed.

As in the man is the combine, the combine chick dies instead, or the man is a combine and dies?

Rebel man kills the chick.

Like, the helmet comes off, and he sees what they did to her, shes a twisted fusion of combine tech and synthetic parts.
Its too late, since he already shot her, even if he hadn’t could he love her?

I’ll make that alternate ending later, no time for me now.

You do realise that all combine soldiers are completely inhuman anymore and cannot have normal faces?

:ssh:, it’s for the story…

But the assassin project was made when the combine got desperate, they didn’t want to dick with their faces, they just wanted an effective killing machine, plus you know how fiction is nowadays, they want the girl’s to be as attractive as possible.

And besides, The op image is not canon, but his is:

No, just no, there’s only one way to make a Combine Soldier and the elites and assassins were more fucked up, after DF reactor blew up all production of combine units halted and hundreds were transported to C17, They never got “Desperate” and if they did i doubt they’d leave one of their fucking men as a HUMAN WITH AN ORDINARY BRAIN.

calm the fuck down.

Why’s he bleeding out his mouth from a headshot?

bloods too bright

Heres the question:

Why does this low poly model that you will hardly see have 10 fingers,
When the Rebels you see in plain sight have only 6? (every finger after index finger is melded together)

Did you not read when he said it was for the story? Or are you trying to instigate something.

Pretty good question.

I laughed how you said she pulled the alternate trigger.

Anyways story is interesting and sucks that this happened to them.