Combine Assault! (Work in progress)

Hello. My name is Denny.

Steam - D3NNYM41C01M
PSN - D3NNY-M41C01M (Ps4 Only)

I’ve been working on a new gamemode. No real objective yet, I’m basically coding as I go. So far, seems like it’s heading
into the survival genre for Garry’s mod gamemodes. It’s been in development for 3 days now. I’d be far ahead of progress,
but I still got my nights/days to go out and schooling. But hey, it’s better to finish school then to not finish school.

The gamemode is Combine Assault. I’ve been thinking of 2 teams. Combine + Rebel unit.
They both fight off eachother, including zombies/aliens. This gamemode will take a few weeks to a month.
But I know if I get support from facepunch community members. It’ll all be worth it. I do plan on making
this gamemode free for the public. But DLC to be like, oh say 3 - 5$ each. Depending on what the DLC is.
But if you do want to keep up to date, here’ the link to my 2 uploaded videos. The 1st was called “Combine forces”
Being as so, I did not really feel all the right with the name, so I had changed it too Combine Assault. Liking the name,
I think I’ll stick too it.

1st Video

2nd Video.

Finished :

Player Model (CP Prison Guard)
Player Load-out w/sound (Stunstick,Smg,Shotgun)
Respawn Timer w/sound (Force respawn)
Welcome message.
!Help (Prints a list of current commands to the console)
Kill Count + Points reset on death / disconnect. (Kill count is meant for things such as killstreaks and what not.)
Removed Cross-hair.
Boss killed bonus points.
Friendly team kill = lose of points + message.
!buy / f4 menu. w/sounds (Menu closed on purchase)
Hud elements - (Health,Armor,Points,Kill Count, Play Time,(m), Alias (Name), You are a (Rank status ex. Admin/Vip/Guest)
Tab = Best player printed in chat + # of kills. (Will attempt to make a scoreboard sometime in the future)

To do list for tomorrow :

Enhanced npc for boss fights (Antlion)
An actual HUD.
More sounds.
Save+Load time played on the server.
Animated Buy menu (Or just derma menus in general)
And more…

Update 1.2 (lol)

Just added some box’s to it real quick. :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing really important.

Uhm… 3-5$ DLC? What are you ubisoft? That is rediculous


If anything, this should serve as a good learning aid for you, it seems rather simple

Also charging $3-$5 for DLC is a bad idea

>But DLC to be like, oh say 3 - 5$ each
dat ubisoft feeling.

Let’s hope extra addons for the gamemode that you have to buy to get doesn’t become a trend in GMod gamemodes. That’ll screw up the GMod gamemode community for good.

“You are a Admin” should be: You are an admin
Since you clearly didn’t worked on the UI or the presentation of your project, talking about money will not brings you good feedback from others about it.
But, yea, it’s a work in progress. Good luck.

Presentation is sloppy/non-existant, showcases absolutely no work except a poorly executed HUD with grammar errors, lot of optimistic thinking but the thing that sticks out… DLC. For a game people have already bought.

You are not known in the community and have no previous work/portfolio to show. I suggest waiting until you have a lot more progress before publicizing something.

dlc for a GAMEMODE, wtf

Paying for Lua, wtf

Filthy gmod business at it’s finest.

Okay aside from all the joking of the dlc, what else are you really planning on doing with this?
The videos show things that could literally be done in minutes.
Point ‘system’, and getting points for killing npcs?
Also that buy menu, why not do a lot more then put up videos displaying something more than little things like this?

Applying formatting on words.

Is this some sick joke?

Too much formatting.

This has to be some kind of joke. You’re going to release a gamemode with a godawful looking UI and absolutely bare-bones basic coding that all boils down into a basic deathmatch gamemode and then have the balls to charge people money for something that someone else would be able to do both way better and for free.

If this was some groundbreaking gamemode with a year to three years worth of effort put into it that sets the bar up into space or had the potential to become a standalone game, maybe I could understand charging people like a dollar or something.

This is not something that sets the bar nor is it anything with effort put into it. This is a glorified deathmatch gamemode that lets you fight an Antlion Guard as a boss while you run around with premade models, animations, and maps from Valve and the Garry’s Mod dev team that you likely slapped together in the span of a few hours. Hell, I’m fairly certain charging money for content that you didn’t completely create is illegal and yet you were all gung ho to pull an Activision and make people pay for a Nova Prospekt Slaughterdome DLC or a City 17 Street War DLC that might as well be included with the gamemode.

Please, Denny, for the good of everyone else in the gaming community, don’t get a job in game design or as a gaming entrepreneur. We’d enjoy not having to sell our firstborn children for a weapon camo, thank you.