Combine Ball Glitch Generator

Map, generating effect based on physics bug(exploit?).


:LOL: Beautiful !! I never seen anything like it before~!

That’s weird. Can’t believe nobody had done this before.

I dug thu a ton of maps, haven’t seen this anywhere.
Means this is something original.
Or i shold expect a ton of ripoffs that were made 5 mins back with loud screams that other ppl did it before?(Already encoutered that in past)

I need that map

What for? :smiley:

I’m pretty sure he just verified string theory with this map. I would also like to see this released. Looks fun.


Words cannot describe the win that this map contains

It’s very pretty… But what’s the point…?

Holy. That looks amazingly weird.

I require this map for personal pleasures… :q:

No, seriosly, upload that map, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame

oh god. somebody give us the map.

I’m pretty sure it was labelled as a physics bug caused by the ball code. I had something similiar occur when using a round tube full of them.

Its not a bug.
Its ep3 functionality
its a freaking conspiracy

On a side note, very cool.
Is it just a bunch of combine balls spawned at once?

Not exactly, actually.
I will release this in nearby time but it was tested only on hl2dm engine. I have no any idea how it will work on hl2 or any of episodes.

HL2/HL2DM/HL2: Episode 1 all use the same “Episode 1” Engine.

wow, that is really quite epic.


Try recreating it in the EP2 engine.