Combine Ball Model Problem

I’m trying to use the combine ball model for an entity, but the annoying 2d disc in the middle makes it look terrible.

On spawning it there is this 2d sprite right in the middle of it that makes it look bad from differing angles. We all know this isn’t something you normally see, so which option am I missing that makes it translucent/spinning/not visible?

Maybe something like ?

You’ll have to make the entity change the draw angle so the sprite is always facing the player, and try playing the model’s idle animation.

Uhm,i have the same problem,im making a controllable combine ball (I am the controllable everything guy),it works just fine,i need some advice on how to change the model from the “grav gun holding the combine ball” to the one you launch with the ar2 (i don’t know if that is another model,but the source sdk model viewer does not show it)

Haha I used this model in my Combine Ball Splitter SWep, a long time ago.
I had to “hack” my way through it, changing its angle, clientside, to face the player.

This looks just like the combine ball.
Also that model is only used when a player is holding it, otherwise it’s just a sprite.

[lua]include( ‘shared.lua’ )


local ballsprite1 = Material(“effects/ar2_altfire1b”)
local ballsprite2 = Material(“effects/ar2_altfire1”)
local coremat = Material(“effects/combinemuzzle1”)

function ENT:Draw()
–if self:IsPlayerHolding() then --Server side :

local MyPos = self:GetPos()
local size = 24

render.DrawSprite(MyPos, size, size, Color(255,255,255,255))
render.DrawSprite(MyPos, size, size, Color(255,255,255,255))
render.DrawSprite(MyPos, size/2, size/2, Color(255,255,255,255))