Combine ball-powered generators

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a SENT in the form of both the portal pellet receiver, and a combine power generator, that, when a combine energy ball is shot inside, it outputs(for purposes involving wire of course) a 1, and when disabled, a 0.

I would also like a pellet launcher, if possible, with the delay between pellet launches wire-able.

Combine generator

Energy ball receiver

Pellet launcher

And yes, I used the search function. I found nothing(just a bunch of uncompleted requests).

Cool Idea

I could back this for life support as well!

It is fully possible and I might make it…

check on my blog later if i have started it

Also do you need to to be portal textures?

I don’t remember reading this before, which is why I never replied, but I would assume for the portal bits, they would be required.

That aside, I see it’s been quite awhile since you said you might do this, so I’m going to assume you aren’t. Anyone else feel like taking this up?

Well its not hard to do it, but… to make the models… you can’t really merge them unless you know how to make models.

I can do this for you, but you have to make your own model.