Combine Battle Tank *WIP*

To me it seems the main thing about GMod (building contraptions) has got lost somewhere in the ether

Well I’m here to return it

Say hello to half of my Combine battle tank, which so far consists of the base

Loosely styled of the Churchill tank of WW2

Currently is drivable, solely off the wheels (not thrusters etc)

Still to add additional detail to the hull, as well as a fully rotating turret and elevating gun (to also be done with wheels)

I did consider making tracks for it but in order to look realistic would require a lot of props and would be very difficult to make functional without making the whole thing unstable

Thoughts so far?


We now have a working turret in place. It has 360* degree rotation and a movable gun barrel with limited elevation. A remote camera attached to the barrel with a target sight to see what your shooting. A 2nd camera in the front of the hull to drive from and twin machine guns in the hull to deal with infantry

Size comparison to jeep, turret rotated and gun at max elevation

My state of the art sight system :smiley:

Die Ant Lion Die

Still to go:
additional detailing for a better look
Re-tune the steering to compensate turret now being on

Looks pretty good, just needs some detailing

No offense, but I honestly cannot tell if this is a joke.

Its not a joke, its 2007!

Honestly I wouldn’t take any seriousness from opinions coming from most of the building community. Most of them are up tight pricks that don’t hesitate to bash on you’re contraption if it doesn’t resemble the quality of a contraption of someone else’s that has years of Garry’s Mod experience.

Example above.

If I said anything about it I’d tell you its a bit blocky in shape, and could use a different shade of blue and material.

2007 would be ashamed

How would you tell, you weren’t even here in 2007

Nice tank! It’s simple yet looks a lot like the Churchill. I like that you’ve tried to give it that blue combine theme. Speaking of that, I was fiddling around the material and color tool and found this combination you might like. It’s similar to the metal material found on the Combine APC but without the strains and with more of a scratched look.

The material is phoenix_storms/gear and the color tool settings are: 139, 148, 156, 255

Here’s a tank I made quickly using those settings:

As you can see it looks a lot like the APC’s texture just with a cleaner more glossy look.

Hope you find that setting useful, and thanks for sharing your build with everybody :smile:

PS: Sorry didn’t mean to rate you funny on your first post.

I’ve been building since then
Nice try


If you want to build a combine tank, best thing to do is use the combine props from hl2, ep2, etc. It will look more like a combine tank. Just a bit of info to help you out.