Combine beating up a poor man in an alley

Hey guys, this is my first actual posing in G Mod. I’ve been messing around in it for a while and finally decided to do a pose. Hope you enjoy it


Pretty good, it could be a little better if you turned the kicking Combine in the background so that you can actually see that he’s kicking; from this angle it’s hard to tell what exactly he’s doing.


sweeper89, do you play Kingdom of Loathing?

also the kicking combine looks like he’s flying

Can’t see a damn thing.

flashlight/dynamic light on them would help

I think that using a light would take away from the “dark alley” feeling, even if it would make it easier to see.

And yes I play Kingdom of Loathing, FrasierDog. You’re the first person to recognize the avatar :slight_smile:

Sweeper89, that’s the challenge of making good lighting. Allowing visibility and comprehension without taking away from the effect that you’re going for. It’s entirely possible. Expirement with some different angles/map positions/lighting next time.

LOL poor guy!
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