Combine BLACKWATCH Sniper

I am proud to announce (for all those that care) that ideas are finally pumping back into my head. I owe most of it to these ‘pre-Seven-Hours-War’ Combine models, Hans Zimmer, Two Steps From Hell, and the shit load of comics I am working on. Which brings me to my next point: I haven’t actually been getting around to any comics that much (as you may have noticed). Partly, because of procrastination, and partly because of personal stuff (Last saturday was my friend’s birthday that I attended all night, last friday my grandfather died D:, and lest we forget the end-of-the-year homework I am getting (not to mention the homework I am suffering for not doing)).

Anyhow, you know me when it comes to pictures; boring but somehow retains some interest.

Without further adieu, the Combine BLACKWATCH Sniper:

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa

I like the lighting.

Althrough i hate that model, the picture is great.

All your pictures are pure artistic. Good work once again.

Sorry 'bout your grandfather

badass model.
awesome pic.

I wonder why a sniper would need heavier armor than the elites or normal frontlines soldiers.
Great posing though.

Why he gotta be from 'black’watch :'9

I believe this needs more replies.

Wow, it does seem boring yet interesting. The combine seems so…patient. I like it.

Multi-purpose task force, the Blackwatch are. Erhm hm.


Cuz I R racist.

Quite the oxymoron, no?

Needs some flying newspaper.

okay now i’m really nostalgic

That’s what I was thinking, but it’s still a really good model.

Thought you might be. :smug:




i remember that

Fire Kracker why do you always have really odd avatars?

they’re sexy

Nice! The picture’s posing looks good.

I really like the lighting ben

is he watching for black people thats why hes a ‘blacwatch’

Lol, never noticed that.

To be honest I don’t get why this is so artistic, it’s just like all the other screens with people pointing their guns off-screen.