Combine Cannon in ep2_outland_09 not targeting the player.

Hi all,

func_tank_combine_cannon in ep2_outland_09 Half-Life 2 Episode Two campaign. It is not working correctly like not targeting players ( >.< )
Any idea why it happens or is it more complicated ?
I see many entities there. Maybe npc_enemyfinder_combinecannon.
Thanks for any answers.

I don’t know, it looks like it is detecting players properly when I tested it just now on local multiplayer server with bots.

There was a serverside crash with it though, which will be fixed.

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One thing though, it seems that you must go through the level as the game intends you to go through it, instead of flying up to the cannons from the spawn.

I’m gonna test it again in Beta. I hope it will work for me now.


In listenserver still 0 insta kill by autogun.
I am going to be mad I turned off every addon and only using Sandbox. Im gonna test it with SRCDS again I hope it wont crash.


Wait I have found something. If I die, the cannons can target players after a player die what hell is this? :smiley:
I cant test in SRCDS non beta just after patch.