"Combine Checkpoint - Searching for traitors"


One of them has a boner or something. The combine on the far left.

the crotch pad is being pushed forward by his right leg.

I thought it was a raging boner, Jesus Christ I need my brain cleaned out!


This is pretty awesome.

Well uhm…

awh shucks :3

Pick up that can…~


Wow, thats awesome!

oi, thanks

Nice one.

Some people love their work, and others love it.

Wow, I didn’t expect someone to use my wallpaper as a background for a music clip on YouTube. Also the far right Combine now looks as a goddamn stupid big-blue-bald-space-jockey from the Prometheus for me.

All in all it looks pretty adequate. I would probably add more stuff and people as a background though.

I’m sorry for beating a dead horse, but damn that boner looks too funny.

Anyway, nice picture.

it looks like the maskless combine is having a herpes flare up

It’s an outrage, a clipboard? They should have something way more advanced. :v:

In all seriousness tho, I really like the atmosphere. You need to start posing more again bro.