Combine Coffee Dispenser

This was made to (hopefully) complement the neat coffee cups made by Shiban.
The original vending machine was done by Fakefactory, I think. I simply used it as a hi-res base.

Oh goody ANOTHER water machine reskin.

And couldn’t you have just posted this in the combine coffee thread?

Its a release. Hes the creator. It can be made as long as its in the releases semi-forum. Now wipe that shit out of your ass before you shit some more.

Hexed or replacement?


This doesn’t make sense though the way sodas are dispensed would make the coffee spill out

Not bad, but could be better. My suggestions, ditch the City 17 logo in the corner and the cut off logo at the top, center the coffee cups and it’ll look much better. Sometimes less is more.



You don’t read at all, do you?

No, I just don’t get it that much.

It’s being stated that if that machine dropped coffee cups, just like the stereotypical ones from Starbucks or your general convenience store, as soda machines drop the cans and bottles that they would spill as a result of the drop. Not trying to seem like a dick by breaking that down, just hoping it’ll help.

Eh, you don’t look like a dick for stating that out. It’s that the fact spawning with guns and using a machine with a beam that carries the heaviest things is no different then dropping coffee cups from a vending machine.

Since when do we bring logics into anything that’s related to garry’s mod? If you want logic, go elsewhere. Actually, I should probably be saying this about the forums… Fuck logic. Whatever it is that you think you made, it looks nice.

Perhaps combine coffee now comes in a canned, carbonated form.
Who wouldn’t want gas with their diarrhea?