Combine Commander Radio (much like the Fallout3 Enclave Commander mod)

I had this idea a few days ago, when I saw the Manhack deployer, what if we could call in combine soldiers (which we choose through a little menu, as well as weapons and what-not) to come in and help us in battles? Or what if we could call in a helicopter to mow down some enemies for us.

I mostly need the helicopter commander, but if anyone would like to do both I would appreciate it :slight_smile:


I’m guessing no one wants to do it?

i would love to help what u need?

Maybe, if I have the time. I’m guessing I’ll make some concommands for the settings and stuff so that you can bind the stuff easily. I might try using the dropship or using headcrab canisters as a delivery method.

Ah, sweetness.
:fuckyou::hf::razz: :v::hf::v:

any progress on this? :\

No, I really don’t have the time to work on it, when I have spare time I can try but, I currently have about 4 projects that I am working on in gmod (Lua) and some school projects so I would not expect anything soon.

It sounds good…You mean like a dropship deploying some overwatch troops of your choice? Such as metropolice, overwatch soldier and overwatch elite? If so I will be watching this thread very closely…I like the idea. :wink:

(excuse the spellin’ i made this in a rush)


Hey, i just realized.
What if silverlan allowed his mortarsynth and crab synth to be apart of this?
And imagine, you make a building (destroyed etc etc.) and put a few combine soldiers in there, and some rebels outside it, in greater numbers. you use the player model=faction mod , use the commander radio and order a orbital strike (like the one at the overwatch nexus/combine mortar swep), and then with the smaller squad of rebels, still with the upper hand, order a combine squad and a crab synth to finish them off. That would rock. :dance: :dance: :holy: :pcgaming: :dance: :dance:

You do know there are downloadable combine suppresion devices (mortars) right?
Silverlan might not have the crab and mortar synth though, even though I posted some good ideas for them. :slight_smile:

but it would be better to have mortars with this mod.


This would be good as a stool, like the headcrab cannisters one by Mrak. You could choose the location for the dropship to land, how many soldiers would be in it, the type of soldiers (maybe even have it carrying a strider), their weapons and were the dropship would be spawned. This would be brilliant for npc battles, movies and homemade levels. I think that this would get a lot of downloads on I just wish I could help but I’m generally crap at anything like this.

i would help if i knew lua and my computer was not broken right now

even then i could really only make advance dupe (i have it planned though for some “transforming” suprises)
man i would love this, i have factions mod (however the faction your on doesnt follow you) and it would be sweet

Or have them dropping APCs and rollermines like they do in the HL games.
Nice avatar by the way. :slight_smile:

Thanks, do they drop APCs?


I made something exactly like this for Gmod 9 actually; maybe I can simply translate the old syntax.

It would be a good start, at least. Will probably take a while (it’s big).

It is possible to make them pick up APCs. Its something that can be done in the console menu. To be honest, you can make them pick up anything.

Pm me the code ill take a look at it :3