Combine convoy on the move in rain

Some people (Those who haven’t just simply called it ugly) have pointed out that my Combine skin, even the new one, looks wet and dirty. So I thought I could use it in a rainy pic. Environment inspired by my home country.

Thread music deployed.

Alt. version:


The scene was built in Freespace06. Proof:

C&C please. And if anyone finds a good rain tutorial (I mean VERY good) for PS or GIMP, please post a link here.

Fuck, that water splashing on the APC tires is awesome, also lights are goood, and pose is fine.

I’m also struggling to get a nice rain tutorial for GIMP :expressionless: Might let you know if I find any.


Just saw the 4th Combine from the front the back, he looks really stiff.


This is a scene build?? I need to start reading fully the OPs -.-
Fucking awesome scene build then, its a pity I cant give you 2 artistics :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to make him look like he’s still able to march, as others are tired after the long walk.

I like to think that the Combine soldiers being cybernetic killing machines would be just Combine propaganda and that they’d really be just normal humans who have been mindwashed to serve the Universal Union.

I thought that the editing looks fantastic.

Posing is pretty good mostly.
Scale of the image is very good.
Splashes are nice.
Rain is decent.
Blood is good.

Scenebuild is incredible, and yet so simple.

What’s the tree model by the way?

I agree with everything Chesty said. Nicely done, sir. Thread music fits as well IMO.

It’s awesome! Your skin looks cool as hell in rainy environments!
A problem I’ve seen very often on your screen : you always freeze the weapon in parallel of the chest, wich is wrong. He should have the cross around the elbow.

Let’s illustrate this :

(look at the guy on the left)

You live in the Northwest? :v:

Sweet picture, and good editing with the splashing water.

I just can’t get around the fact that this looks just like Washington, it’s even raining like that right now!

Woah Joazz! At first i thought that was some kind of a map. Great edits and music is fitting :slight_smile:

Thank you! :haw:

Thank you, sir. The tree model is gm_forest/orientalspruce.mdl from the Foliage Pack, sir.

Thanks man. :tiphat:

Thanks for the info.

No, I live in Finland. The nature is so similiar to US, except that everything is smaller.

And thanks for the positive feedback.

Thanks. I thought the music fitted because it had both the industrial, militaristic feeling and the depressing athmosphere.

Thanks for ratings and comments people! :haw:

This is an excellent screenshot! The rain is well done and the splash from the APC wheel is nice. Albeit some of the Combine soldiers are stiff. The foliage clipping through the dead body kills the scene a little, but you can’t help that. And the blood in the water is very nice too.

You get an artistic :smiley:

Really cool, great job.

the apc splash looks low quality but everything else is great, the models do look good in wet environments.