Combine Crew

First of all, a big thanks to The Vman’s Gimp tutorial, second of all…there is no second of all

Tell me what you think

It looks like the set-up for a sitcom?

=P yeah, it kinda does, i don’t plan to make one though

okay, try as i might, i don’t get the disagree, who rated it that and why, PLEASE TELL ME!!

can i get some comments?

=P no, i want comments not optimistic ratings

Nice. It looks like it came off of some movie poster or something, but I can’t think.

haha, you can’t think? thanks for your comment, ANYONE ELSE IS WELCOME TO COMMENT TOO

Not like you’re desperate or anything.

=P of course not, why would i be, i only spent hours trying to make it the best i could, though, most of those hours was trying to figure out gimp

and oh yes, i used your tutorial too, thanks


O.O i don’t get the ratings

It’s the C-Team

=P okay then