Combine crossbow and something minor.

You already know that combines can use crossbows,right? But,the regular doesn’t make sense because it was made from scrap. Can somebody make a crossbow that isn’t maken from scrap,usable by all combines,and has a laser on(visible when npc is aiming,just appears as a dot on the scope when using the scope and off when scope is not used)? Oh,and can somebody check out the materials in this download: packs,the pack 2 link is in the description),even i have both packs,on a very little selection of weapons,the arms texture is missing and the rifle(not thompson,but an apperently russian one) that has the magazine in the shape of a circle doesn’t reload. Oh,and RPG’s dont shoot.

Well really, wouldn’t combine soldiers use the sniper rifle instead?

Yes,but that npc can only be killed by explosives,unless somebody makes a sniper usable by npcs.

I was talking about the sniper rifle, not the npc.

Oh,well. Do you know a sniper rifle SWEP that npc’s can use properly?

There are some npc weapons on from CSS, but Half-Life Renaissance v1.2 has npc useable crossbow, sniper rifle, and RPG from half life 1. They work with most humanoid npc’s and there’s a whole lot of other stuff to play with.