Combine Dance Party [WIP]

This is just a vision I had. Maybe with a lot of help and interest this might turn out to greatness :stuck_out_tongue:

The Menu

There it is :stuck_out_tongue:

:pcgaming: DANCE! :pcgaming:

A quality release. Have you seen the amount of work he put into motion capture for these dancing animations?

Heh… This is just a vision… AN EPIC VISION :smiley:

only if i can do the thriller dance moves and the anti gravity lean

amazing. just…


You almost had me thinking that that was a solid game mode and not a bunch of pictures you made as concept art.
Still, I wish you luck. Try something with ragdolls.

Why is this in releases then?

I donno really… Probably shouldve placed it in gamemode section, not gamemode>releases P:

Bump bump bumpidy bumpadump

You should ask a moderator to move this to the main gamemodes section so it gets more attention from gamemode makers, you’re not going to see much help over here.

Yeah… if Any of the mods could just Move this to the main thread that’d be grand :3

Why is this in releases?

Excellent release hosting on my server now.

I.P I.P I.P I.P :pcgaming:

Party hard

He almost had me fooled as well.

Ragdoll posing and image editing software. :downs:

Lawl… This thing is getting popular here :smiley: