Combine Difficulty

Is there anyway to set their difficulty? If not I wish to know if there is an way I could maybe code it… but I am new to coding so excuse my newbness :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry’s Mod doesn’t have a difficulty???

I know that, I mean for the npcs… mainly combine since their aim sucks…

If I am correct (Im deemed to be corrected) the NPC’s did more damage than anything else when increasing difficulty in HL2.

Yeah which is why I was hoping there would be an way to change it seeing as the combine always die to fast if its something like 5 rebels vs 20 combine, like for things to be realistic ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do it with a little lua script if you wanted: (I think that would work on an NPC) (Amplify damage when combine is attacker)

Thanks for the help, going to try this.