Combine disintegration?

I looked around, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Like when the combine ball hits a player or npc, it makes them float up in the air and vaporize. How to do this? I can’t find a function or anything for it on the wiki. Thanks.

The reason you can’t find this thing is because it’s coded into the game using C++ rather than Lua, and Garry hasn’t thought of making a function for it yet, but it’s still possible to create this effect using Lua, addons such as this one have found a way to do it. I’ll just check how and get back to you…

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Actually, there’s an example on how to do this exact thing on this wiki page:

local function DissolveIt( ent )
	local d = DamageInfo()
	d:SetDamage( ent:Health() )
	d:SetAttacker( ent )
	d:SetDamageType( DMG_DISSOLVE )

	ent:TakeDamageInfo( d )

All you need to do is give that function an entity to dissolve, and it’ll do it