Combine doing morning gymnastics near the sea

Good to see another priceless CrazyKnife product. :buddy:

Excellent as usual. That helmet is very nice as well.


Helmet’s actually a model part of the body, you can get it by going into Q menu then into downloadable content and clicking on the props part, i found it there with the dragon

Oh, didn’t expect this.

What ever is happening in that brain of yours Crazy Knife, don’t let it stop.

the first few were good poses. the models are dated and awful looking. the last gag shot was uneeded and killed the whimsical nature of the series

Amazingly hilarious.

^ what he said

oh my god ahahahahaha i can’t Breath aahahahahahahah

“Prepare your anus” I’d say

That’s truly brilliant.

I seriously busted out laughing.

And then they became friends.

It’s always a pleasure to see a Crazy Knife image. :buddy:

Yet they still have more style to them then the majority of soldier models either present or future in other games.

I like the picture set, the last one adds a really nice hilarious finish.

I got a pretty good laugh out of the “Oh fiddlesticks” part.

i rofl’d for a while

I love that Combine’s helmet.