Combine don't allow you to pass, while two citizens get inspected.

Been a recent influx of HL2 themed screenshots. I, personally, love them. So, here’s mine. No huge editing done - blur on the Strider; rest of the buildings. Some other minor stuff.

So, uhh, comments?

Dunno if it’s just me, but it seems abit darkish…


Isn’t this a default screenshot from Hl2? I swear I’ve seen that on the box or something.

Thats not a official HL2 screenshot, look at the feet of the cp on the left, Valve wouldnt make em stand like that. Nice pose though.

That’s just what I wanted to achieve. That HL2 feeling.

nicely made

Posing is bad.

Work on your posing dude.
And the picture is a little bit too dark.

Some poses are wrong, but overall its pretty good.